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1_ODAWGS S2R 6.0 Ported Intake Manifold

1_ODAWGS S2R 6.0 Ported Intake Manifold

  • $ 95000


*** 50 State Legal ***

This brand new cast intake manifold flows 46% more air than stock while retaining EGR features.  The smooth contours of the casting design allows air to evenly flow into the ports with only a 2% flow difference between the front and rear cylinder ports.  The improved airflow increases horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range, with the greatest increases in low RPM.  Whether your truck is a tow pig, daily driver or weekend warrior this intake is a great performance upgrade - the rear most engine cylinders will thank you.  If you are running a non-VGT turbo you need this intake!

*Gain 27 rwhp / 83 rwtq

46% More Airflow

Quicker Spool (essential for non-VGT turbo)

Cooler EGT's

Retains EGR Valve Port (must use '04-'07 square EGR cooler)


Unlike other ported intakes on the market, these intake manifolds were completely redesigned and are a brand new casting.  Casting eliminates all weld seams for a cleaner look and makes it one of the most affordable ported 6.0L intakes on the market.  Freshly machined gaskets surfaces and o-ring boss plugs for the mounting bolt access holes ensure the boost is sealed in tight.


Orders typically ship within two days, excluding powder coating or polishing.  Powder coated or polished intakes typically ship within 3 weeks, but please plan for 4-6 weeks to be safe.

For custom powder coating, contact GP Diesel.

***Horsepower and torque will vary by truck, dynamometer, weather, geographical location and other factors***

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