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6.0 Billet HPOP Cover w/ SS Turbo Drain ORB Insert

  • $ 38900

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1 - Mirror Polished - 1 Ready for Polishing

More stock is in the works and coming soon.

Replaces stock pot-metal cover.  The billet cover comes with a removable -14 stainless-steel turbo drain ORB (o-ring boss/straight-cut o-ring) insert.  The insert will work with any turbo drain that would work with a stock cover.  The stainless-steel turbo drain insert is more wear resistant providing a longer lasting o-ring sealing surface than given by the stock cover.  If the turbo drain insert gets damaged or worn out from use it can simply be replaced with a new fitting.  The turbo drain ORB fitting can also be replaced with any standard off-the-shelf ORB fitting for a customized turbo drain connection.  For example, the fitting could be replaced with one that is -14 male ORB/straight cut o-ring x -16AN.

Included Components:

- Billet Aluminum Cover

- Stainless-Steel Bolts & Washers

Fits 6.0 Powerstroke Model Years 2004.5 - 2007

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