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1_ODAWGS S3R 6.4 Ported Intake Manifold

1_ODAWGS S3R 6.4 Ported Intake Manifold

  • $ 90000

This intake is currently undergoing C.A.R.B. certification



The 6.4 Power Stroke is known for having air restrictions that can seriously limit its power potential.  An ODAWG ported intake solves that problem by allowing your engine to get all the air it needs to make big power.

Unlike other ported intakes on the market, these manifolds are high quality castings poured right here in the USA.  Casting eliminates all welds for a cleaner look, provides consistent robust quality, and increased performance at the most affordable price on the market.

The smooth contours of the casting allows air to flow evenly between the front and rear cylinders.  With improved airflow and incredible attention to detail, this intake will add power, efficiency, and good looks to any build!

Whether your truck is a daily driver, tow pig, weekend warrior, or dedicated competition killer, this intake is a valuable upgrade.

- Outflows stock intakes by 140 CFM

- Increased plenum volume by 450cc's

- Faster Spool

- Lowers Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT)

- 100% designed and made in the USA


Orders typically ship within two days, excluding powder coating or polishing.  Powder coated or polished intakes typically ship within 3 weeks, but please plan for 4-6 weeks to be safe.

** Patented D851129**

**Powder coat options have a 1-2 week lead time.**

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